Back to Ohio’s Amish Country

Ohio Amish country / Kimberly Sullivan

I went for the first time to Ohio’s Amish country back in 2020, when I was bringing my oldest son to college nearby. Four years later, this May, I was with my husband and younger son for my older son’s graduation. They had never been to Amish country and wanted to see it. So as…

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Central Park’s Conservatory Garden

Central Park Conservatory Garden, New York/ Kimberly Sullivan

New York’s Central Park is a wonderful place to explore. One of the places I always enjoy returning is Central Park’s Conservatory Garden, in the northeastern corner of the park (between 104th and 106th Streets). The name comes from a glass conservatory that was installed in this spot in the late 1800s. That was removed…

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Enjoying The Met’s panoramic rooftop

The Met Museum rooftop / Kimberly Sullivan

When I’m back in New York, I always spend a substantial amount of time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met). I love art in general, and The Met in particular, and pop in frequently to see new exhibitions, visit old favorites, check out new acquisitions and stop in on the fabulous tours they…

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Dreamy views from New York’s Little Island

Little Island, New York / Kimberly Sullivan

This summer, I got the chance to go visit the urban (river) park, Little Island, which opened to the public in 2021. It is located on the Hudson River, at Pier 55, between Chelsea and the Meatpacking District. It’s easily visible from New York’s Highline, and is a short detour if you’re walking along the…

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A stop-off in Sulphur Springs, Texas

Sulphur Springs, Texas/ Kimberly Sullivan

Two summers ago, my younger son and I took a loooong US roadtrip. We had one long stretch from Memphis, Tennessee to outside of Dallas, Texas. When it became clear we weren’t going to get there until late, we decided to stop off for dinner and to stretch our legs – and did so in…

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The hairy deer of Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio/ Kimberly Sullivan

If you’ve visited Columbus, Ohio, chances are you’ve noticed the deer sculpture as you were crossing the Scioto River downtown. This playful buck was created by artist Terry Allen. It was installed in 2015 when the entire riverwalk and park underwent a major renovation, and it’s become a popular place to snap a photo and…

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Touring Galveston’s Bishop’s Palace

Galveston, Texas / Kimberly Sullivan

Last week I wrote about our holiday in fabulous Galveston island, Texas. Since we were biking all over the island, we were passing thense impressive turn of the century show homes each day. The Bishop’s Palace had the most convenient opening hours, without need for an appointment, so this worked well for our schedule.  …

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Roadtripping through New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana / Kimberly Sullivan

I’ve always loved Louisiana’s New Orleans, and have passed through this unique city many times. On a roadtrip two years ago with my younger son, one that took us through much of Texas, I remember being sorry that we couldn’t squeeze in a trip to New Orleans. So when we took another American roadtrip last…

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Enjoying the nature in the Bronx’ Van Cortlandt Park

Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx, New York City / Kimberly Sullivan

Last week, I wrote about the picturesque Bronx neighborhood of Riverdale . This neighborhood also boasts a sizable public park (think Central Park of The Bronx) that’s worth exploring when you’re here. I’ve always been here on hot summer days, and have witnessed huge lines to enter the free pool, so if you want to…

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