"Sullivan is an experienced historical novelist,
and in this novel she displays a great love of Italy."

-Kirkus Reviews


Two Women.
Two Different Centuries.
One Attic Room.

About the Book

Isabelle has been shipped off from America to Rome to live with her aunt, Princess Brancaccio, and be married off to a European nobleman. But Rome in 1896 is on the cusp of a new century and Isabelle longs for more than a titled husband. Over a century later, Sophie can't believe her good fortune interning in a Roman museum, complete with an attic apartment in the spectacular Palazzo Brancaccio. The idyll is shattered by a disturbing nighttime presence in the deserted hallways of the grand palace - one no one else can sense.

About the Author

I write the women’s fiction stories I love to read, both contemporary and historic tales of women and the rich lives they lead along their journeys of self-discovery. A lifetime admirer and longtime resident of Italy, I’m often guilty of sneaking the bel paese into my stories.



Coming in 2024

Friendship. Love. Loss. New beginnings.
Find it all at The Three Coins Inn.

It's been four years since Emma, Annarita and Tiffany threw their coins in Rome's Trevi Fountain and cemented a friendship that would change their lives, in more ways than one. Emma has departed Rome for the charming Umbrian village of Todi. where she's busy managing the Three Coins Inn, while Annarita and her husband run the hotel's cooking classes. When a new set of hotel guests descend on the idyllic property, eager to recharge and leave their problems far behind, will the inn manage to work its magic on them?

"A searching collection of tales about women's quests for self-realization."

-Kirkus Reviews


Italian Tales of love, betrayal,
longing, desire - and hope


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