Dreamy views from New York’s Little Island

This summer, I got the chance to go visit the urban (river) park, Little Island, which opened to the public in 2021.

It is located on the Hudson River, at Pier 55, between Chelsea and the Meatpacking District. It’s easily visible from New York’s Highline, and is a short detour if you’re walking along the Highline.

Little Island, New York / Kimberly Sullivan

The park was created over artificial constructions built into the river and contains almost two and a half acres of grass, plants and relaxing pathways.

Specifically, the structure is supported by 132 of these “pot-structures”, emerging from the river and creating the garden’s foundation.

Those foundations rest just beside what remains of the structure of Pier 55, weakened during Hurricane Sandy. Those are the wooded stakes you see alongside the new, white pots.

The landscape architects designed areas of the park based on color. Little Island is now home to 270 species of perennials and grasses.

Little Island, New York / Kimberly Sullivan

The whole structure has wonderful panoramic points. I was there on a warm sunny day, but I imagine it is worth returning to enjoy the structure at different times of day and in different seasons.

There are food trucks and, over the summer, there were free, scheduled evening performances. They seem to have  afull slate of cultural activities and tours. You can even sign up to their newsletter at their site: littleisland.org

Little Island, New York / Kimberly Sullivan

Overall construction costs of Little Island reached $260 million.

My husband and I loved visiting here – and we’ll most definitely make it a stop on future visits back to New York.

Little Island, New York / Kimberly Sullivan

Be sure to schedule in a visit to this original public part/garden oasis along the Hudson River when you’re next in New York.

What a great addition to the city.

Little Island, New York / Kimberly Sullivan

Little Island, New York / Kimberly Sullivan


  1. Celia B on June 14, 2024 at 5:01 pm

    Thanks for this article! I live in New York and think Little Island is so pleasant. I wonder how it could influence structural strategy over the next 100 years if sea levels do render various areas too deep or risky to build in

  2. Kimberly Sullivan on June 15, 2024 at 4:57 am

    Thanks, Celia. I’m no longer living in NY, so I can only go to visit when I come back on holidays mostly summertime). I envy you that you can enjoy it year-round!

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