A stop-off in Sulphur Springs, Texas

Two summers ago, my younger son and I took a loooong US roadtrip.

We had one long stretch from Memphis, Tennessee to outside of Dallas, Texas. When it became clear we weren’t going to get there until late, we decided to stop off for dinner and to stretch our legs – and did so in Sulphur Springs, Texas.

It looked like a cute town, but we learned things don’t stay open very late on a Sunday night. Everything was closed, except for a bar that was closing and a Mexican restaurant – so (very good) Mexican it was.

Sulphur Springs, Texas/ Kimberly Sullivan

We took a quick walk around town, and enjoyed town courthouse’s colored light display.

The town itself was  was very clean and well kept, looks like it would be a lively small town during the day, when the shops and restaurants are open, and people are dining at outdoor tables. But when we were there, it as the sound of silence … except, not really.

At first we thought people were playing then same radio station, then we realized there’s a sound system throughout the town was piping in soft music that followed you everywhere.

Sulphur Springs, Texas/ Kimberly Sullivan

Apparently, the name came from sulphurous springwater present at the time the area was established. We saw that Sulphur Springs started as a type of trading post before it was established as a township in the 1850s.

My son had to try out the public bathrooms on the main square. They are one-way glass, so you can see all the crowds and activity  (that I presume you see daytimes) around you, but the one-way glass ensures passerby can’t see in. What’s cool to a teenage boy isn’t necessarily on my To Do list, so I took his word for it.

Sulphur Springs, Texas/ Kimberly Sullivan

And yes, in retrospect, perhaps it was somewhat foolish for my son to wear an Arkansas team shirt in a Texas town, but maybe the lack of crowds worked in our favor on this one. No one was really around to see it…

Still, we ate well, stretched our legs and were able to continue our drive and arrive late at our desitination.

It wouund up being a nice (silent) wander around pleasant Sulphur Springs, Texas.

Sulphur Springs, Texas/ Kimberly Sullivan

 Texas/ Kimberly Sullivan

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