Enjoying The Met’s panoramic rooftop

When I’m back in New York, I always spend a substantial amount of time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met).

I love art in general, and The Met in particular, and pop in frequently to see new exhibitions, visit old favorites, check out new acquisitions and stop in on the fabulous tours they run.

And, when I am there in summer, I always visit the rooftop terrace to check out the latest installation and the spectacular views.

The Met Museum rooftop / Kimberly Sullivan

Truth be told, I’m rarely a fan of the installation art, which changes each spring/summer season.

The last one I was enthusiastic about was The Big Bamboo, many years ago. That was a fun installation that was constantly changing over time, as the artist kept adding to the bamboo structure over the months it was housed on the Met rooftop.

My kids were young at the time and loved it, wanting to see how it grew and changed.

The Met Museum rooftop / Kimberly Sullivan

Most of these installations I don’t love, but the Bates Hotel-Psycho house was fun and the solar system-inspired installation worked well in this space.

Most – including this year’s entry – don’t excite me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy coming up to see them (and the views), regardless.

The Met Museum rooftop / Kimberly Sullivan

The Rooftop is open seasonally, so if your Met visit coincides with the open roof terrace, leave time to come up … whether or not the installation interests you.

The space is breathtaking on a clear day, with views over Central Park and the New York skyline.

The Met Museum rooftop / Kimberly Sullivan

Definitely worth a visit to enjoy those views.

And if contemporary art installations are your passion – even better for you.

Enjoy those skylines + art at New York’s Met rooftop.

The Met Museum rooftop / Kimberly Sullivan

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