First beach outing of the season – in Sperlonga

Sperlonga, Italy/ Kimberly Sullivan

This spring has been odd. As my younger son, whose memory is far better than mine, reminds me, this spring is apparently like the spring of 2019. All rain and grey weather until almost June. This is unusual in Rome, but this was definitely the case this spring. That’s why I was so excited to…

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Atmospheric cemeteries … in Durham, England

Durham, England cemetery / Kimberly Sullivan

I’ve already written about the northern English historic town of Durham. I enjoyed visiting this interesting town close to the Scottish border. I’ve already written about the Durham cathedral, climbing its belltower and walking around the historic center. When I was walking back and forth between town and the Historical Novel Society Conference at the Durham…

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A stop-off in Sulphur Springs, Texas

Sulphur Springs, Texas/ Kimberly Sullivan

Two summers ago, my younger son and I took a loooong US roadtrip. We had one long stretch from Memphis, Tennessee to outside of Dallas, Texas. When it became clear we weren’t going to get there until late, we decided to stop off for dinner and to stretch our legs – and did so in…

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Long, lovely walks around Durham, England

Durham, England/ Kimberly Sullivan

I had a fabulous time on my first visit to Durham, England last September for the Historical Novel Society Conference. What a lovely, historical city. It was so much fun to explore, and perfect for lovely walks in that balmy, early September weather. I’ve already written about the spectacular Durham Cathedral  and the (exhausting) climb…

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Enjoying the Amalfi Coast – from our car

Amalfi Coast, Italy/ Kimberly Sullivan

We were in Salerno, a town in Campania, just below the Amalfi coast during the long May 1st weekend. My younger son had a track race there and we enjoyed exploring the seaside town. Since my son had never been to the Amalfi coast, he asked if we could have  a”quick stop off” to see…

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The hairy deer of Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio/ Kimberly Sullivan

If you’ve visited Columbus, Ohio, chances are you’ve noticed the deer sculpture as you were crossing the Scioto River downtown. This playful buck was created by artist Terry Allen. It was installed in 2015 when the entire riverwalk and park underwent a major renovation, and it’s become a popular place to snap a photo and…

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Stopping of at the Marche’s Macerata

Macerata, Marche, Italy/ Kimberly Sullivan

We visited Macerata on a beautiful January day, after having mistaken picturesque, nearby Recanati for Macerata. Macerata is a hill town town in the Marche region’s interior. Its population is a little over 40,000. Perched 315 meters from sea level, this town is about 30 km from the Adriatic coast. Mentions of Macerata date back…

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