My new stash of books

Stash of new novels/Kimberly Sullivan

On my summer holidays back in New York, I picked up lots of great novels. My autumn and winter reading is secured… Lots of great novels I’ve had in my sights for some time, and I look forward to reading these. While I do buy online sometimes, I much prefer browsing and buying directly in…

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My 2022 in books

2022 Goodreads

I always love the Goodreads end-of-year round-up. It’s always so much fun to look back at your year in reading. I overshot my 2022 Goodreads Challenge by quite a bit, pledging to read 45 and instead reading 59. And I read a whopping 18,835 pages. You can see My 2022 Year in Books here. As…

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Book review: All the Lonely People

All The Lonely People book cover

I so enjoyed reading my first Mike Gayle novel, Half A World Away, earlier this year that I decided to also read his newest, All the Lonely People. It didn’t disappoint. This story opens as we observe a grumpy, old man, Hubert Bird, speaking from his London home with his daughter who works in Australia.…

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A good writer should be able to fool his readers

“What is important is to invent a story and to make the spectators believe it.” —Tahar Ben Jelloun I like this quote from contemporary Moroccan author Tahar Ben Jelloun. This is exactly how an author creates a successful novel – by creating characters, a story and an environment that draws us in immediately and has…

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Author Mark Tedesco’s love affair with Rome

She Seduced Me

As an unabashed Italophile myself, one who is lucky enough to have called Rome home for over 20 years, I was bound to be fascinated by a newly released book entitled She Seduced Me: A Love Affair with Rome, written by American author Mark Tedesco. Here’s a bit of background about the book: “I resisted,…

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Book review: Half a World Away

Half A World Away book cover

Loved, loved, loved this book. So pleased it was my first novel of 2021, and that I discovered author Mike Gayle through this highly enjoyable tale. The cover blurb says it best : Same city. Different streets. Same mother. Different lives. The story of Kerry Hayes and Noah Martineau is the story of fate, the…

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Another year, another Goodreads Challenge

In 2020, I truly took my Goodreads Reading Challenge down to the wire – only reaching my goal of the 45 novels I’d set out for myself in a more optimistic January of 2020 on the next-to-last-day of 2020. Even so, it was still a nice feeling to have met my goal. I love the…

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A 2020 in books

2020 reads

I usually finish my annual Goodreads Reading Challenge with plenty of breathing room, but 2020 has been anything but a usual year. So I’m still uncertain if I’ll meet my annual goal as the year rapidly comes to a close. Chances are – with yet another government-mandated shutdown (because science), I will. Nevertheless, I’ve read…

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