Back to those Prague cafés and restaurants

I was recently back in Prague for a couple of days, and took the opportunity to return to a few of my favorite cafés – and discovered some new restaurants serving Czech favorites.

Obecni dum café in Starometska (Old Town) was one of my old hangouts, back when it was all dark, with red velvet banquettes. It’s been restored to its bright 1920s décor now, but I always make a point to stop by for a Viennese café whenever I’m back.

Prague café - Obecni dum / Kimberly Sullivan

Another favorite that has been lavishly restored since the long-ago days when I used to spend time here is the Savoy café, in Mal strana (Lesser Quarter).

Not surprisingly, I visited here for another ultra-caloric Viennese café. This is another café with fabulous atmosphere, and I always enjoy stopping off here as I’m walking around this picturesque neighborhood.

Prague café - Savoy / Kimberly Sullivan

If I stay longer than a week in Prague, I tire of hearty Czech fare. But on short trips back, I love the meat and dumpling-based dishes – accompanied by local beers.

Svickova is a classic – beef with cream sauce, accompanied by knedliky (dumplings) and berries.

The upper photo was in a vaulted beer pub, Bredovsky Dvur, a fairly new place across the street from the old newspaper offices that were my first job in Prague. The other was Kuchyn (Kitchen, in Czech), which is in a panoramic point just across from the Prague Castle, with a terrace boasting views over the city.

Both were fabulous, and there’s more on thne menu than my old stand-by, but old habits die hard.

Dobrou chut – Bon appétit – on your next trip to Prague.

Prague restaurants / Kimberly Sullivan

Prague restaurants / Kimberly Sullivan

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