My 2022 in books

I always love the Goodreads end-of-year round-up. It’s always so much fun to look back at your year in reading.

I overshot my 2022 Goodreads Challenge by quite a bit, pledging to read 45 and instead reading 59.

And I read a whopping 18,835 pages. You can see My 2022 Year in Books here.

As exciting as overshootng my target is, think I’ll go back to 45 as a target for 2023. I love reading so much, but I need to write, too, and I have steady 2023 writing goals. And if I overshoot my reading again, it’s only a plus.


2022 GoodreadsI read so many fabulous novels in 2022, and reviewed them all in Goodreads and on my Instagram.

My reading is primarily women’s fiction, historical fiction and a smattering of mysterry/psychological thrillers. In 2022, I revisited lots of my favorite authors and discovered many new-for-me authors, too.

2022 was my first full year as a NetGalley reader (I joined in November 2021), so many f my novels were ARCs  I read through NetGalley. I highly recommend joining if you are avid readers like me. As a fellow writer, I especially know how important it is to champion an author’s work, and I love to discover new favorite authors and to help boost their novels by sharing my reviews.

As avid readers yourselves, I’m certain you know this, but it bears repeating. Reviews make a huge difference to the discoverability of novels. If you read a novel you love, take a few minutes to leave a review – even a short one.

A Happy 2023 to all – may it be filled with health, happiness, friends and family – and lots of good books!

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