Another year, another Goodreads Challenge

In 2020, I truly took my Goodreads Reading Challenge down to the wire – only reaching my goal of the 45 novels I’d set out for myself in a more optimistic January of 2020 on the next-to-last-day of 2020.

Even so, it was still a nice feeling to have met my goal. I love the feature that shows you how many pages you’ve read throughout the year – 16,977 of them! And the reminders of some of my reviews throughout the year.

Fun, too, to look back at the covers of the novels I read throughout the year – this year, far too many of them while locked up in my home instead of out in parks, on beaches and in trains traveling to wonderful locations.

I’m setting myself up for another Goodreads Challenge in 2021, although my goal is to read none of the new year’s books in lockdown, but for them to accompany me out into the world in this new year.

To all of my fellow readers, wishing you an exciting new year of books and reading.

And to (well-deserved) freedom.

I am always on then lookout for reading tips, so please feel free to share some of your recommendations to be added to my 2021 TBR list.

Happy reading and a very happy new year to all!

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