Mozart in Venice…

I was in Venice this past February, during Carnival.

As always when in Venice, the best part of the visit is to wander the winding streets around La Serenissima and to climb the countless bridges over picturesque canals. It was on one of these mapless wanderings on this last visit that we bumped into this plaque commemorating a young Wofgang Amadeus Mozart’s visit to Carnival in Venice.

Mozart in Venice / Kimberly Sullivan

Mozart travelled to Venice with his father on what would be his only trip to Venice. They stayed there for one month 11 February – 12 March 1771, as part of their wider Italian tour following the premiere of his Mitridate in Milan. Mozart was fifteen years old.

They stayed close to the Piazza San Marco in the Casa Ceseletti. You can see my photos of the palace – and its plaque commemorating Mozart’s visit – from the Ponte dei Barcaroli.

Mozart in Venice / Kimberly Sullivan

We know Mozart and his father frequented the numerous operas in Venice at the time, fully took advantage of all the festivities surrounding Carnival and admired the city traveling by gondola. They were also frequented by many of the city’s nobility and Mozart performed for many of them on 5 March 1771, at what was recorded to have been a successful concert.

We can assume – like all visitors to beautiful Venice – that this unique city made an impression on the young composer.

Since, during Carnival, many visitors come dressed in spectacular eigteenth century costumes, it made me (almost) feel I was there in Mozart’s time. Even if all those cell phones snapping photos of the decked out visitors kind of gave the game away…

Mozart in Venice / Kimberly Sullivan

Still, in a timeliess city like Venice, it’s nice to think Wolfgang &  I were admiring the same romantic views and travelling the same, well-worn winding streets and picture-perfect bridges as we soaked in the city’s beauty.

Hope you’ll also enjoy your time in this timeless city – and keep an eye out for Mozart’s canalside lodgings while you’re there!

Mozart in Venice / Kimberly Sullivan



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