Ducking in from the heat in the US Botanic Garden

US Botanic Garden/Kimberly Sullivan

The US Botanic Garden has a long history. It was established by US Congress in 1820 – and had been the dream of America’s first President, George Washington. Washington wished to establish a botanic garden that would serve in an educational function – teaching visitors about plants. The Botanic Garden celebrated its bicentennial during our…

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Cooling off in Rome’s Piscina delle rose

Piscina delle rose, Rome/ Kimberly Sullivan

Anyone who knows Rome, knows that Rome is hot in summertime. And this summer was no exception. To cool off this summer, my younger son and I were often spending Sundays ar Rome’s outdoor public pool, Piscina delle rose. This pool was built in 1960 – the year in which Rome hosted the summer Olympics.…

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Birds’ eye view of Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas / Kimberly Sullivan

When my younger son and I were in Dallas, Texas on a hot August day last year, we were melting as we explored the city. We decided it would be best to get the lay of the land from up on high – from the (air-conditioned!)  observation tower of  the Dallas Reunion Tower. The 561…

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