Meandering along Rieti’s Velino River

Rieti/Kimberly Sullivan

I was with my younger son for a weekend in Rieti, a town in northern Lazio – about one and a half hours from Rome. He was there to run, but since we were staying for the weekend, we had lots of time to wander around the town we know quite well, and we also…

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On the shores of Central Park’s Harlem Meer

The Harlem Meer is a picturesque artificial lake at the northeastern corner of Central Park. I enjoy this small lake, lined with benches, in all seasons. This artificial lake was constructed with the creation of Central Park, on what used to be a tidal marsh fed by a creek that led into the Harlem River.…

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A spring stroll in seaside Sperlonga

Sperlonga, Italy/ Kimberly Sullivan

Like many, I’m thoroughly sick of the semi-lockdown mode that has kept my family so close to home. Therefore, on Mother’s Day, my younger son and I decided to take advantage of the spectacular, summer-like weather to go visit one of our favorite beach getaways – Sperlonga. I’ve written many times about pretty, whitewashed Sperlonga,…

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Lonely tourists in the Marche’s Ancona

Ancoma, Marche, Italy/ Kimberly Sullivan

I’ve already written about weekend trips we made to Ancona, in Italy’s Marche region, for my son’s indoor track season. Previously I wrote posts about the city’s bustling port, its Duomo perched at a panoramic point and its indoor track. Since we were here in semi-lockdown state, we wandered this strangely deserted city, almost entirely…

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A springtime stroll along Rome’s Tiber River

Springtime is one of the most beautiful seasons in Italy’s capital. This year, with so many exhausted from endless lockdowns and COVID-weary, the tempting spring warmth is beckoning, and Romans are eager to get out an enjoy a walk through the city. Not surprisingly, the walkways along the Tiber River are full in these days.…

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More Big 10 Football at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

I can’t write about one pillar of Big 10 Football without writing about its rival. Last week I wrote about Columbus, Ohio’s campus of Ohio State University, tremendously famous for its impressive football team. As luck would have it, its biggest sports rival is just a three hour drive due north in Ann Arbor, Michigan.…

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A mega campus & Big 10 Football at Ohio State University

I’ve already written about my visit this past summer to Ohio’s capital of Columbus. In previous posts I’ve written about German Village, the Scioto Rover walk and the Short North District. Not far beyond Short North lies the sprawling campus of Ohio State University, so we had to stop off to see it, even though…

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Barbarians (and kids) at the gate

San Giovanni, Rome, Italy/ Kimberly Sullivan

The Aurelian Walls of Ancient Rome are still in remarkably good condition in today’s Rome. It isn’t called the Eternal City for nothing. Built between 270- 275 AD under Emperor Aurelius, the Aurelian Walls eventually reached 19 kilometers of defensive walls guarded by Roman soldiers who were vigilalant in ensuring the Barbarians were not capable…

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