Happy 2024!

Nooo idea at all where 2023 went. It flew by so fast.

But wishing you all a wonderful 2024! Happy New Year!

Buon anno - 2024

I am an unabashed New Years’ Resolution person. And while, as a writer, I always set a writing goals for the coming year, and, of course, always aim to eat well and exercise in the coming year … as a traveller, too, I commit each year to travelling and seeing new places – even if they are nearby or museums I’ve been “meaning to visit”.

I remain bitter about lockdown policies that kept people from traveling, especially rules that seemed to suspciously dovetail with the (terrifying) globalist “stop traveling” agenda. I will never listen to anyone lecturing me from his private jet.

So yes, after our depressing launch into the Roaring Authoritarian Lockdown Twenties, I’m glad sanity prevails once more.

Travel opens your mind, introduces you to new people, cultures and ideas and allows your soul to soar.

For those of you who enjoy travel as much as I do, wishing you a wonderful year of travel and adventure in 2024!

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