Watching over Ancona’s port each morning

These past years, I’ve gotten to know the Marche’s region’s capital of Ancona. I came here regularly because the small city hosts an indoor track, and my sprinter son would compete here.

Whenever we would stay, I would book my favorite hotel, with its views over the Ancona port.

Ancona port/ Kimberly Sullivan

Ports are interesting places, and it’s fun to watch them coming to life each morning.

There was a small segment for small-scale fisheries, a commercial cargo section, ferries headed over to Croatia and a cruise ship setion, so there was always lots of coming and going.

Ancona port/ Kimberly Sullivan

I found this a fun way to enjoy the life of a port city, watching how the port played out at sunset, seeing the lights and the paths of then ships at night, and watching the port pick up its activity in the early morning light.

Ancona itself is an interesting city, but I always like coming back to this port hotel when I come here and watching the life of the Ancona port while here.

Ancona port/ Kimberly Sullivan


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