Back to those Prague cafés and restaurants

Prague café - Obecni dum / Kimberly Sullivan

I was recently back in Prague for a couple of days, and took the opportunity to return to a few of my favorite cafés – and discovered some new restaurants serving Czech favorites. Obecni dum café in Starometska (Old Town) was one of my old hangouts, back when it was all dark, with red velvet…

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Mozart in Venice…

Mozart in Venice / Kimberly Sullivan

I was in Venice this past February, during Carnival. As always when in Venice, the best part of the visit is to wander the winding streets around La Serenissima and to climb the countless bridges over picturesque canals. It was on one of these mapless wanderings on this last visit that we bumped into this…

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Prague’s Clam-Gallas Palace

Clam-Gallas Palace. Prague / Kimberly Sullivan

When I was last in Prague last spring, I was surprised to see that Prague’s Clam-Gallas Palace was open to the public for visits. Sadly, in the days I was there, it was undergoing some renovations and  was not open to visitors. So when I returned this year, I made a point of going to…

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Stunning Scuola Grande di San Rocco in Venice

Scuola Grande do San Rocco, Venice / Kimberly Sullivan

On my last visit to Venice last month, I returned to a magical place – the Scuola Grande di San Rocco. This was founded in 1458, as part of the networks of “Scuole” that existed in the Venice of the time. To grace the grand halls of this space, Venetian painter Tintoretto was commissioned to…

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The gnomes of Wroclaw, Poland

Wroclaw, Poland / Kimberly Sullivan

This past weekend I visited the town of Wroclaw, in southern Poland, for the first time. I’ve always been curious to visit this pretty town, and my husband and I were staying in Prague and I convinced him to take the bus up for a daytrip … a four-hour bus trip departing at 6 am.…

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Todi’s beautiful Palazzo del Popolo

Todi Piazza del Popolo, Umbria, Italy / Kimberly Sullivan

Todi is a picturesque medieval hilltown in Umbria – and its central square, Pizza del Popolo, is wonderfully picturesque. It’s a great place to sit and watch life pass you by. I was here recently on a lovely autumn day, and, when I got tired of walking up and down the steep hills, I enjoyed…

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On this Mardi Gras, celebrating Venice’s Carnival

Venice Carnival / Kimberly Sullivan

I’ve just returned from visiting Venice during Carnival season … and since today we’re already celebrating Mardi gras (thanks to a super-early Easter this year), I’d better post about Carnival before the more serious Lenten season begins… It has been years – decades, really – since I visited Venice during the Carnival season, but I’m…

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Visiting Via Tasso’s Nazi Prison Museum in Rome

Via Tasso Nazi Prison Museum, Rome/ Kimberly Sullivan

Recently, I visited for the first time Rome’s Museo Storico della Liberazione (Liberation Historical Museum). During WWII, the Germans occupied Rome between September 1943 and June 1944. During that time, the SS headquarters on Via Tasso served as a prison, interrogation facilities and the place where prisoners were tortured and killed. During that time, being…

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Malaga’s Ancient Roman Theatre

Malaga Roman Theatre / Kimberly Sullivan

It’s always pleasant to travel around and find traces of “my” city of Rome. This happened again on my visit to Malaga, Spain, where I visited the Ancient Roman theatre. The Roman theatre is (dramatically) located below the Alcazaba hill and Moorish fortress. It was originally built during the reign of Emperor Augustus, and was…

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