Soaking in the atmosphere in Prague’s cafés

Prague, like so many of Central European cities, has a vibrant café culture.

If you’re visiting the Czech capital, you definitely need to set aside some time to visit the storied art deco cafés.

A café in which I used to spend a lot of time is Prague’s spectacular Obecní dům. Back then, it was a lot darker, with lots of faded red velvet and atmosphere. I used to work as a journalist, and would pop by between interviews to transcribe interviews and write my stories. It has since been restored to its earlier splendor, but is also much more touristy.

Regardless, I always make sure to stop by here whenever I’m in Prague.

Obecni dum, Prague, Czech Republic/ Kimberly Sullivan

The building is part of a larger complex, which also hosts the home of the Prague Symphony Orchestra in its Smetana Hall, space for ballroom dancing classes, a Mayor’s Hall, and a beer hall.

The building was constructed between 1905 and 1911 in the Art Nouveau style of then new century. The greatest local artists of the day created the frescoes and mosaics, including Alphons Mucha.

Obecni dum, Prague, Czech Republic/ Kimberly Sullivan

It’s a spectacular place to drink in (bad pun intended) the Prague café atmosphere.

And with its very central location, it’s even better to do so when you want to rest your weary legs or warm up after all your tourist treks around the city.

Obecni dum, Prague, Czech Republic/ Kimberly Sullivan

Another historic gem is the Café Louvre. This is another one of my favorites from when I lived in Prague in the early 1990s, although it also looked very different back then.

I used to work on-air at a very, very early morning TV program, and would wrap up that first job at around 6:30 am (and I am soooo not an early riser). Before I hopped over to my radio journalism shift, I would stop off here as one of the earliest clients to fuel up on coffee before crossing town.

I was in good company spending time here – let’s hope some of it wore off. This café opened in 1902, and was frequented by the likes of Karel Čapek, Albert Einstein, and Franz Kafka, who all spent time in these beautiful halls.

Cafe Louvre, Prague, Czech Republic/ Kimberly Sullivan

Both of these cafés – and many more sprinkled around the city – are worth a visit when you’re next in Prague.

I know I’ll be heading back every time I’m back in this beautiful city….

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