Soaking in the atmosphere in Prague’s cafés

Obecni dum, Prague, Czech Republic/ Kimberly Sullivan

Prague, like so many of Central European cities, has a vibrant café culture. If you’re visiting the Czech capital, you definitely need to set aside some time to visit the storied art deco cafés. A café in which I used to spend a lot of time is Prague’s spectacular Obecní dům. Back then, it was…

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Enjoy Riga, Latvia from a bird’s eye perspective

Riga is truly a beautiful Baltic capital city. It has impressive architecture, a charming old town, stunning examples of art deco, and can easily be visited in a  weekend or serve as a base for longer trips to explore the surrounding seacoast and the countryside. Riga’s old town is quite compact, with winding, medieval streets. There…

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Riga’s stunning art nouveau architecture

While planning a trip to Latvia’s capital, I was very surprised to read that the historic center of Latvia boasts the largest collection of art nouveau buildings in Europe. I have lived in both Prague and Vienna and both cities impress visitors with their stunning art nouveau architecture. The work of Czech artist Alphonse Mucha…

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