Escaping the heat in the mountains of Abruzzo

After a fairly mild spring and summer, the heat has set in in Rome.

So I was happy my younger son suggested a weekend escape to our favorite mountain hideaway, and we left for a weeekend in Ovindoli in Italy’s Abruzzo region. It’s an easy hour and a half trip from Rome, but its slower pace and fresh mountain air seems worlds away.

Ovindoli, Abruzzo, Italy / Kimberly Sullivan

It was a fabulous weekend, with great weather: hot, without humidity.

We took some great walks and my muscles were pleasantly sore from those¬† enjoyable mountain wanderings. I need to get back here more weekends to get my mountain legs back…

And the combination of hiking, the altitude and the fresh mountain air translates into a healthy appetite. Luckily, mountain food in Abruzzo is always excellent. And in summer, it’s always well accompanied by the locol Pecorino wine.

Ovindoli, Abruzzo, Italy / Kimberly Sullivan

Even if it’s only a short esacep, being in the beautiful mountains is always enjoyable and makes me wish I could stay longer and fully ease into that more relaxed mountain pace of life.

It’s here that I wrote (and set) much of the story of my third novel, In The Shadow of The Apennines. I’d love to get out here for an extended stay and more writing time! One day.

I’ll take what I can get. My son and I enjoyed our day and a half escape to then mountains this time. We’ll be back soon!

Ovindoli, Abruzzo, Italy / Kimberly Sullivan

Ovindoli, Abruzzo, Italy / Kimberly Sullivan

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