A garden of one’s own

With a nod to Virginia Woolf, a woman who writes may need a room of her own … but a lovely English garden will also do quite nicely…

I coveted this garden daily during my time in Durham, England.

While there for the Historic Novel Society meeting this past September, I was staying in a nearby dorm room and passed this gated garden daily. Each day I would gaze through those iron gates and think about what a lovely place this would be to write and create one’s stories.

Durham garden, England/ Kimberly Sullivan

Of course, Durham is in northern England, not far from the Scottish border.

Meaning … er… well… there’s a reason those lush, green plants are so perfectly lush and green.

Yes, it rains a lot here. Truth be told, I mostly saw this garden in the rain. So, while I absolutely was envisioning myself writing happily in this garden, my little literary fantasy contained this perfect English garden, accompanied by balmy Mediterranean weather.

The day I left Durham, the weather was perfect. Alas, no one accidentally left the gate open so that I could set up and get to work.

Regardless, I decided all a woman novelist needs is a garden of one’s own…

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