Atmospheric cemeteries … in Durham, England

Durham, England cemetery / Kimberly Sullivan

I’ve already written about the northern English historic town of Durham. I enjoyed visiting this interesting town close to the Scottish border. I’ve already written about the Durham cathedral, climbing its belltower and walking around the historic center. When I was walking back and forth between town and the Historical Novel Society Conference at the Durham…

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Long, lovely walks around Durham, England

Durham, England/ Kimberly Sullivan

I had a fabulous time on my first visit to Durham, England last September for the Historical Novel Society Conference. What a lovely, historical city. It was so much fun to explore, and perfect for lovely walks in that balmy, early September weather. I’ve already written about the spectacular Durham Cathedral  and the (exhausting) climb…

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Visiting Durham Cathedral, UK

Durham Cathedral, UK / Kimberly Sullivan

The spectacular Durham Cathedral is a stunning monument that dominates the Durham cityscape on a rocky prominotory next to the castle high above the Derwent River. I’ve already written about the stunning views afforded by climbing those daunting 325 steps to enjoy tower views over all of Durham and the surrounding countryside. Today, Durham Cathedral…

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Returning to dorm life – at Durham University

Durham University dorms, UK / Kimberly Sullivan

As you can probably imagine, it has been many, many years since I took part in dorm life. In graduate school, I lived in an apartment, but even during my undergraduate years, I only lived in the dorms my freshman year. By second year, I had moved into my sorority, and the final two years…

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Queuing up for the London Eye

As anyone traveling with kids knows, travel plans alter radically once you are lugging along pint-sized companions. On a trip to London with my children, I had plenty of activities to fill our days, but none of them included queuing up for kilometers to go on a giant ferris wheel. Unfortunately, the London Eye is visible…

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London’s calling … all lovers of short stories

There are many reasons to visit the cosmopolitan city of London. But for lovers of short stories, 18-21 June 2015  is an ideal time to make it there, since these are the dates for the London Short Story Festival. There will be lots of the big names in short stories attending, speaking about their craft…

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Visiting Oxford, UK with kids

On a trip to London with my kids, I looked forward to a day trip to nearby Oxford. Although I hadn’t planned specific child-friendly activities, it was a pleasant surprise that my young children stumbled across so many entertaining things to do in that charming university town. As parents traveling with children know well, this…

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Why writers should love Downton Abbey

Well, perhaps in all honesty, I should entitle this post: Why this writer loves Downton Abbey. Still, I see it’s become something of a trend recently. The Writer this month features the British period miniseries Downton Abbey on its cover, entitled “True to the Period” and the excellent Nathan Bransford blog had a recent post…

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