Writers – is (your new) book delivery the best delivery?

Packages – and especially book packages – are always exciting, but as every author knows, there is one delivery that starts your heart going pitter-pat at record speed.

That’s when your own novel delivery arrives in the mail.

Sure, you’ve seen the digital proofs. You’ve obsessed over colors, fonts and design.

If you’re an indie author like me, you’ve worked intimately with your designers from the blank slate and throughout the process.

But still, that doesn’t change the feeling of excitement when you hold that print version in your hands for the first time.


Three Coins, Kimberly Sullivan

And, while the first novel is always special, the arrival of my second novel – Dark Blue Waves – had me almost as excited.

Next month, I’ll be thrilled to receive a package with my third novel, In The Shadow of The Apennines — and I’m already anxious to hold that paperback in my hand and to admire its pretty cover. Christmas in October!

Happy (new novel) delivery to all authors!

Dark Blue Waves delivery

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