Writers – is (your new) book delivery the best delivery?

Three Coins, Kimberly Sullivan

Packages – and especially book packages – are always exciting, but as every author knows, there is one delivery that starts your heart going pitter-pat at record speed. That’s when your own novel delivery arrives in the mail. Sure, you’ve seen the digital proofs. You’ve obsessed over colors, fonts and design. If you’re an indie…

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Gender-bias in book covers? Coverflip.

I’m proud to write women’s fiction, but I know this genre label can raise hackles far and wide. The argument goes that, when men and women write about similar, (often domestic) topics, the men’s work is seen as serious fiction (a.k.a. The Great American Novel), while the women’s work is written off as light, beach-reading…

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You can’t judge a book by its cover … or can you?

Back when I lived in Milan, I had a friend who designed book covers for one of Italy’s largest publishers. I was just learning Italian back then and I remember asking her if there was an equivalent expression for “You can’t judge a book by its cover”, and being surprised to learn there wasn’t. I…

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