A seagull’s-eye view over Ancona’s port

For runners, Italy’s Marche region is a well-known winter destination for indoor track. I’ve already written about Ancona’s Palindoor track.

On a recent trip for a race with my son, we enjoyed the “front row” view of the busy Adriatic Sea Ancona port, pleased to see such steady traffic even in COVID times.

Ancona has been a bustling port ever since it was settled by Greeks exiled from the Sicily in the 5th century BC. Ankon was the Ancient Greek word for elbow, apparently a reference to the rocky topography that creates the natural harbor of this Adriatic port.

Ancona port, Italy / Kimberly Sullivan

Today Ancona, a city of about 100,000, is the capital of Italy’s Marche region.

We decided to stay in the city center, at a fabulous hotel – the Seeport – located just across the street from Ancona’s port.

From our rooms and from the 4th floor restaurant and breakfast room, we enjoyed watching the ships coming in and ferrying goods to Sicily and across the Adriatic to Croatia as we were eating or stopping through our room or the lobby throughout the days.

Ancona port, Italy / Kimberly Sullivan

Ports are such a hive of activity – even during these quiet times – so it was fun to look down on all that was happening as we got ready for races or to head off an explore the town.

Often ports are separated physically from the town, but for a smaller port city like Ancona, be sure to enjoy your front row and center seats to daily, port life. We certainly enjoyed ours.

Ancona port, Italy / Kimberly Sullivan
Ancona port, Italy / Kimberly Sullivan
Ancona port, Italy / Kimberly Sullivan


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