Another year, more great books…

2023 reads - Goodreads

Aother year, another series of great reads. Once again, I surpassed my Goodreads Reading Challenge. In 2023, I pledged 45 books and read 53. This adds up to 17,226 pages read in 2023. I’m happy to “overread”. As an author myself, I’m supposed to be writing, too. So I keep my goal at 45, and…

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My new stash of books

Stash of new novels/Kimberly Sullivan

On my summer holidays back in New York, I picked up lots of great novels. My autumn and winter reading is secured… Lots of great novels I’ve had in my sights for some time, and I look forward to reading these. While I do buy online sometimes, I much prefer browsing and buying directly in…

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Half-way through my 2023 Goodreads Reading Challenge

Goodreads Reading Challenge 2023

Half-way through my Goodreads Reading Challenge, having read 23 of the 45 novels I pledged to read this year. It’s been a great year of books so far. Thirteen of the twenty-three books I’ve read have been NetGalley reads. Six of the twenty-three have been from fellow Women’s Fiction Writers Association authors. What about you…

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Book review: The Door

The Door, Szabo, cover

This is a beautifully written, slightly claustrophobic novel of a young, Budapest-dwelling Hungarian author – whose name we never learn until the end of the novel – who employs Emerence, an elderly woman, to become her housekeeper. Everyone in the neighborhood has tremendous respect for the older woman, but no one seems to know much…

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My novel Three Coins visits its book locations

Three Coins at Trevi Fountain / Kimberly Sullivan

My debut novel, Three Coins, was released in October 2021. It is the contemporary story of three expatriate American women living in Rome, who, having faced daunting challenges, retreat to the seaside town of Sperlonga to regroup and come back stronger. But Sperlonga is a pretty deserted place in November, and the women are quickly…

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Book review: The Flat Share

The Flat Share book cover

I had heard about this novel that had been a runaway success, and was curious to read this feel-good, romantic comedy for myself. This is the story of two quirky young Londoners who both share a common challenge one would imagine is well understood by many a city dweller. How to afford living in London…

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