A weekend in Italy’s center – Rieti

I’ve already written about this medieval town north of Rome, at the upper edges of the Lazio region.

I got to know Rieti quite well when my younger son began running for the town’s competitive track and field team. Although his daily practice is (thankfully) in Rome, we get here fairly often for track meets.

Often, it’s just a quick visit before driving back, maybe with a short passeggiata thrown in if the weather is good, but this summer we took some time to visit over the weekend meets, and enjoyed getting to know the town.

Rieti, Lazio, Italy / Kimberly Sullivan

Rieti is a small city about 1.5 hours north of Rome. It has a pleasant medieval center, and a lively area for dining and drinks along the Velino River.

Rieti also has a claim to fame as the geographical center of Italy – or so it says. There is even a spot in the center of town where you can claim to be at the heart of the bel paese.

Rieti, Lazio, Italy/ Kimberly Sullivan

We had a great time making Rieti home for a weekend. I already wrote about our luxurious digs – staying in a hotel from a converted noble hunting palace, where we enjoyed relaxation wandering the forests of the hunting ground and lazing away hot afternoons in the swimming pool.

The town’s medieval streets are also an enjoyable wander, and an evening dinner and walk along the busy riverside bank is a must for a summer evening.

Rieti, Lazio, Italy/ Kimberly Sullivan

So on your next visit to Rieti, enjoy wandering the pretty 13th century architecture, visiting the medieval churches, enjoying the views to the surrounding mountains and the relaxed pace on the banks of the Velino as you watch the swans swim by.

Rieti, Lazio, Italy / kimberly Sullivan
Rieti, Lazio, Italy / kimberly Sullivan

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