Early morning jogging in Rieti

Rieti, Italy/ Kimberly Sullivan

In the late spring, my youger son and I spent a weekend in Rieti – a small city in Lazio’s northernmost region. While there, I rose early on Sunday morning to enjoy a short jog in the eerily deserted city. I started off at out hotel, at the top of this medieval hilltown and jogged…

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Meandering along Rieti’s Velino River

Rieti/Kimberly Sullivan

I was with my younger son for a weekend in Rieti, a town in northern Lazio – about one and a half hours from Rome. He was there to run, but since we were staying for the weekend, we had lots of time to wander around the town we know quite well, and we also…

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A spring stroll in seaside Sperlonga

Sperlonga, Italy/ Kimberly Sullivan

Like many, I’m thoroughly sick of the semi-lockdown mode that has kept my family so close to home. Therefore, on Mother’s Day, my younger son and I decided to take advantage of the spectacular, summer-like weather to go visit one of our favorite beach getaways – Sperlonga. I’ve written many times about pretty, whitewashed Sperlonga,…

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A weekend in Italy’s center – Rieti

I’ve already written about this medieval town north of Rome, at the upper edges of the Lazio region. I got to know Rieti quite well when my younger son began running for the town’s competitive track and field team. Although his daily practice is (thankfully) in Rome, we get here fairly often for track meets.…

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Of gods and athletes : Rome’s Stadio dei marmi

I spend an inordinate amount of time hanging out at tracks. My younger son is a track and field junkie athlete, and I would suspect there are few tracks in central Italy in which I have not spent a fair amount of time. So, as a track mum with years of experience, you can trust…

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The showstopping square in Italy’s Cittaducale

On a recent visit to Rieti with my younger son, we decided to explore the nearby town of Cittaducale. Just 8 km east of Rieti, Cittaducale is an impressive example of a late medieval fortress town. Perched on a strategic hilltop location and surrounded by mountains, this town is a pleasant place to wander. Although…

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Wandering the silent, medieval streets of Toffia

I’ve driven by Toffia many times on my drives from Rome to Rieti, but never made time to visit. On a recent weekend trip to Rieti, my son and I decided to take a little detour from the Via Salaria to visit this picturesque, medieval town. We were in Toffia on a perfect summer day.…

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A breath of fresh (sea) air in Sperlonga

I’ve already written about our post-lockdown travel. After months of lockdown during what was an absolutely perfect, gorgeous Rome spring, it’s not that surprising to note that the first trip out of Rome my family and I decided to take was to the seaside. We travelled to the beautiful beach town of Sperlonga on the…

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