I am a big fan of outdoor cinema, and every summer I’m happy to see the screens set up outside at Piazza Vittorio, a neighborhood near me in Rome.

There are two screens in the park, and each evening there are two movies shown at what is officially called Notti di cinema a Piazza Vittorio.

This late 19th century park surrounded by beautiful buildings constructed at the same time (known as Umbertan architecture, from King Umberto who reigned in Italy at the time) has been in a long decline. Luckily, keeping it for the evening cinema over the summer helps with the maintenance and security that should be happening year-round – one of the reasons I always support this initiative.

But it’s also a great way to spend an evening – out on this pretty piazza, with cool Roman breezes following hot summer days.  I never manage to see all the films I “plan on seeing” but never do during the year, so the summer outdoor cinema is when I manage my catch-up.

This year I went to see Wonder with my kids, also a funny Italian comedy poking fun at the relationship between Rome’s center and its suburbs Come un gatto in tangenziale, and a fabulous documentary Maria by Callas, a must-see about the famous opera diva. Sadly, I missed the talk by Italian director Gianni Amelio, because they switched the dates, but there are a handful of interesting director talks, too.

Still have quite a few films I’m hoping to see. See you out at the cinema of Piazza Vittorio…