(Feels like) Summer reading: Americanah

AmericanahOkay, this weekend I had to take my son to the beach for a fun track and field workout session for him, but it also turned out to be a wonderful, relive-the-summer day for me.

At Ostia, the beach nearest Rome, the massive summer crowds were gone, but the weather was almost as gorgeous as those crowded summer days, and I sat through the hours-long workout, happy a clam, digging into Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah.

This is one of those I’ve-been-meaning-to-read-for-so-long novels, so part of the bliss I felt last Sunday was that ‘Ah-finally!’ sense of relief, part due to that sparkling sun and bright blue sea that is just too perfect for an October day (How I love Rome!), and the rest is due to Adichie’s spectacular writing that had me lazily seated on my beach towel racing through the first 100 pages as my son and his track teammates raced endlessly (and exhaustingly) across the sand.

Can’t wait to read the rest, but I’m thrilled by reading such an enjoyable novel in such a perfect setting.

If only providing weekend taxi service to my kids were always this good!

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