‘The most beautiful track in Italy’ – in Formia

CONI, Formia, ItalyI’ve already written about the Italian seaside town of Formia. Formia is south of Rome at the edge of Italy’s Lazio region.

Since 1955, it has been famous as the site of Italy’s Olympic Committee (CONI) training center, with a  beautiful campus, running track, indoor track, gym and sports facilities that hosts professional athletes from Italy and around the world.

CONI, Formia, ItalyMy son had the chance to attend a two-week running camp at the Formia center this summer, and he enthused about the location and the facilities – and called the track “the most beautiful in Italy.”

Located as it is just across from the sea and with the mountains towering behind, he may just be right.

CONI, Formia, ItalyIt doesn’t hurt that just beyond the beautifully manicured campus, the sea beckons. The athletes have access to a beautiful beach a few steps away from the training facilities.

Must be a nice way to relax after tough training sessions.

CONI, Formia, Italy

Post-workout in a tub of ice takes some getting used to …

Aside from the beautiful track, the indoor facilities are quite impressive, too. This includes the only 150 indoor meter track in Italy and an indoor pole vaulting facility. There are also all the relax and recuperation facilities – steam baths, saunas, pool and ice bath that my son enjoyed and suffered (in regard to the latter) in equal measures.

CONI, Formia, Italy

Days on the track pre-ice bath …

But what a fabulous place to train and practice. I was terribly envious at pick-up and drop-off.

If one has to suffer during workouts, certainly better to suffer in style.

And as much as he loved the training and the new friends, my son was most impressed at meeting many of his sports heroes who were training the same weeks in Formia, and were nice enough to chat with him about track and field. That made his year.

CONI, Formia,LazioWe’ll be cheering them on at the London World Championships this summer.

So I can’t help but agree that Formia hosts the most beautiful track in Italy – and the ideal weather and environment make it an ideal year-round training venue.

We both (runner and taxi driver) look forward to getting back here!

CONI, Formia, Lazio

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