Emperor Tiberius’ impressive seaside villa, Sperlonga

Emperor Tiberius'Villa, SperlongaI’ve already written about how much I love the seaside town of Sperlonga,  and wandering its beautiful, twisting streets.

Despite all my visits to this gorgeous beach spot, I only recently made it to the museum and ruins of Ancient Rome’s Emperor Tiberius, who ruled from 14-37 AD.

Emperor Tiberius'Villa, SperlongaFor Tiberius, aside from having a great eye for seaside real estate, knew a thing or two about escaping Rome’s hot and humid summers.

This little get-away to the south was his favored summer retreat, and he built his villa with its caves housing farmed fish and spectacular, Classical statues, depicting scenes from Homer’s The Odyssey.

Emperor Tiberius'Villa, SperlongaAlthough many remnants of these colossal statues were discovered in the grotto, many were damaged and it is largely plaster casts you will view in the adjoining museum.

Still, these are impressive, and helpful to understand how imposing they must have been in this cavern on the edge of the sea.

Emperor Tiberius'Villa, SperlongaLittle, too, remains of the villa, but its size and location clearly show how impressive it would have been.

There are beautiful views out onto the sea and to the town of Sperlonga on the other end of the beach.

When you are in the pretty town of Sperlonga, take time to see the impressive museum and cavern of Emperor Tiberius’ villa.

Emperor Tiberius'Villa, Sperlonga

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