2016_december_xmasbooksI’m not one of those people who want or expect lots of expensive gifts under the Christmas tree, but I do appreciate the ever-thoughtful gift of books!

Christmas is always a good time for me to curl up, a steaming cup of tea or cocoa at hand, ready to crack open the covers of a brand-new book. Yes, I admit to being old fashioned in that department, e-books just don’t do it for me.

I love when family or friends gift a book they think I would like to read – many times it’s one I never would have known about otherwise. And for my reading friends, I love to purchase books I think they would enjoy.

I also love getting books for my children, and trying to choose the ones they would most enjoy. Even as they grow older, we also keep up a tradition of reading some books aloud, and we tend to have more time for this during the holidays for the books that arrive under the Christmas tree.

What about you, readers and writers? Do you associate the holidays with books and reading? Do you enjoy gifting books? Is it a time of year in which you tend to read more? Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season – and much enjoyable reading to all!