Women's Fiction Reading Challenge 2016Funny that I just discovered this challenge (as 2016 comes to a close) over at the excellent Book Date web site.

The Women’s Fiction Reading Challenge 2016 is a challenge to read a certain number of Women’s Fiction books in a year: you choose the level of your commitment, and it ranges anywhere from less than 5 to over 30.

You can report the books either through your blog or by creating a shelf on your Goodreads, which makes it very flexible. Book Reviews are not necessary, but appreciated, and there is a link available to include these reviews.

Sounds right up my alley! Both as someone who would take the challenge for the many women’s fiction books I am reading and reviewing anyway each year, and as an avid reader who will have  a ‘one-stop-shop’ for seeing what others are reading and recommending in this genre.

So, while I discovered it late for 2016, it gives me something to plan on in 2017. And you, readers? Any reading challenges you take part in that you’d like to share?