Goodreads Challenge 20162016 is not yet over, but a recent burst of enthusiastic summer reading means I’ve wrapped up my Goodreads Reading challenge early.

Even if it’s only for fun, always nice to get things in before deadlines.

I know some people criticize the Reading challenge, calling it a useless check-list, but I enjoy participating each year.

I’ve always been a bit of a list-keeper when it comes to books I’ve read, so I love having my lists available electronically. I often find my next reads on the site and by seeing what friends are reading, and, bookworm/nerd that I am, I get a kick out of seeing how many pages of novels I’ve read each year.

Strangely, I never have that same desire to quantify corporate reports or technical documents I read for work each year, so I do maintain good priorities…

I still have plenty of novels to read before the end of the year, but nice to pat myself on the back for reaching this (enjoyable) goal for 2016.

Happy reading to all!