2015_March_coastalLatina1I’ve already written about the interesting (short) history of Latina, Italy.

Once the breeding grounds of mosquitoes that carried malaria, those mosquitoes were the true cause of the so-called Roman Fever that was romanticized in 19th century literature. The swampland was drained under Mussolini, and Latina was founded as a model fascist city.

I visited the city south of Rome last year for a running race, and wrote about this interesting place to visit.

Coastal Latina, ItalyThis year I was back for another race, and this time I explored the nearby lake and Mediterranean coastal town of Latina.

The lake is located just along the sea, between the city of Latina and coastal Latina (Lido di Latina) is called Fogliano Lake. It is the biggest of four coastal lakes in the Pontina region, and it is part of the humid zone of the National Park of Circeo.

Coastal Latina, ItalyThere is also a botanical garden here, although we didn’t have time to visit on this trip. We took a nice walk on the edge of the lake, enjoying the silence and the warm, winter sunshine.

Afterwards, we continued the short distance to the seaside, walked on the deserted beach (the advantage of seaside visits in February), and stopped for a seafood lunch along the beach.

Enjoy your visit to coastal Latina on your next visit to the area, and don’t miss nearby Sabaudia and (my favorite) Sperlonga.