Sabaudia, ItalyA little over an hour’s drive south of Rome, along the Tyrrhenian coast, is a lovely stretch of beach – Sabaudia.

This is a popular destination during the summer months, since the sea is so much more beautiful than the water closer to Rome.

I think it’s also a nice place to go without the crowds.

Sabaudia, ItalyA visit out of the high season, particularly in early spring or in the early fall is always pleasant.

It’s a relaxing place to go to take walks and enjoy the refreshing sea air.

In the summertime, it’s quite crowded, but it’s still a lovely place to go to swim and enjoy a sunny afternoon.

2013_August_Sabaudia3From the beach, you also have a great view of the defensive tower, the Torre Paola. This was built in 1563, under the orders of Pope Pius IV, who was concerned by the frequent attacks by Saracen invaders during those years.

The tower saw its first attack while still under construction. the Saracens launched a surprise attack from the mountains over Sabaudia.

Sabaudia, ItalyLuckily, the tranquil Sabaudian coastline today is free from marauding pirates.

Sabaudia’s also close to the pretty beach town I’ve already blogged about – Sperlonga, just to the south.

You could easily combine these two seaside points on a day-long outing from Rome or-even better-enjoy them both on a  longer seaside holiday.