Central Park’s Conservatory Garden

Central Park Conservatory Garden, New York/ Kimberly Sullivan

New York’s Central Park is a wonderful place to explore. One of the places I always enjoy returning is Central Park’s Conservatory Garden, in the northeastern corner of the park (between 104th and 106th Streets). The name comes from a glass conservatory that was installed in this spot in the late 1800s. That was removed…

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Exploring Brooklyn’s Prospect Park

Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY / Kimberly Sullivan

For years, I’ve “meant to get out” to Prospect Bark, Brooklyn’s largest public park, but it is only this past summer that I visited for the first time. Prospect Park is one of New York’s “historical” parks, it was planned by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux – of Central Park fame. It was first…

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On the shores of Central Park’s Harlem Meer

The Harlem Meer is a picturesque artificial lake at the northeastern corner of Central Park. I enjoy this small lake, lined with benches, in all seasons. This artificial lake was constructed with the creation of Central Park, on what used to be a tidal marsh fed by a creek that led into the Harlem River.…

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Barbarians (and kids) at the gate

San Giovanni, Rome, Italy/ Kimberly Sullivan

The Aurelian Walls of Ancient Rome are still in remarkably good condition in today’s Rome. It isn’t called the Eternal City for nothing. Built between 270- 275 AD under Emperor Aurelius, the Aurelian Walls eventually reached 19 kilometers of defensive walls guarded by Roman soldiers who were vigilalant in ensuring the Barbarians were not capable…

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Enjoying the winter sun in Madrid’s Parco del retiro

Last December I was with my family in Madrid. We spent lots of time walking around and exploring, and hours in museums enjoying the collections. But the blue skies beckoned and the warm December sun led us to the Parco del retiro, a place I had been for summer visits to Spain’s capital. It was…

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An urban oasis in New York’s Morningside Park

While most people know (or know of) New York’s spectacular Central Park, fewer know its less famous sibling – Morningside Park. Morningside Park was designed soon after its more famous neighbor, by the celebrated landscape architects who had designed Central Park – Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvin Vaux. Olmsted and Vaux produced a design for…

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Sprinting around the aqueducts of Rome’s Tor Fiscale Park

It’s great raising your kids in another culture and enjoying the differences in their upbringing. I reflect on this a lot as I take my younger son, a track and field and cross-country athlete, to his competitions. For his weekly workouts, he trains, arguably (for others, clearly not for me), at the most beautiful stadium…

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Jogging in New York’s Central Park

Ooh, jogging in Central Park is one of my favorite things to do when I’m in New York. It never fails to put me in a good mood. And when I’m back home (in Rome), I always feel a tug of nostalgia for my nice jogs through green Central Park, with the view of skyscrapers in…

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