Jogging in New York’s Central Park

New YorkOoh, jogging in Central Park is one of my favorite things to do when I’m in New York. It never fails to put me in a good mood.

And when I’m back home (in Rome), I always feel a tug of nostalgia for my nice jogs through green Central Park, with the view of skyscrapers in the distance.

Of course, if I’m honest, part of this idyll is that I get to jog without worrying about racing to do other tasks. After all, when I’m in New York, I am not living as a real New Yorker, but as a tourist on holiday.

Central Park, New YorkThat means, at rush hour, when New Yorkers are killing each other to get to work, I have the rare luxury of taking my time starting my day.

If you’re feeling envious as you read this, rest assured that when I’m back home in Rome I quickly take my place among the pack of disgruntled zombies making my way to work in the early morning hours.

But in New York I have time for a leisurely morning jog in central Park, jogging from home through the hills that cut through the North Woods and on to the Reservoir, where I loop around and enjoy the skyline views as the morning sun glints off the Chrysler Building. This is definitely one of the things I miss most when I’m back home. * Sigh*

Central Park, New YorkSince the rest of the family are tennis fanatics, I often stopped off at Central Park’s great tennis courts to either pick them up, drop them off, or sit down and watch them play before I continued my jog back home.

Sadly, my weekday mornings back home in Rome are nothing like this now that I’m back into work routines.

But those visits to New York always maintain a magical place in my memories. I already look forward to those fabulous mornings jogging through beautiful Central Park. If you’re passing through the Big Apple, don’t forget to pack your running shoes and enjoy a great start to your New York day – a beautiful jog in Central Park to get your day started right. I’ll see you around the Reservoir Loop.

Central Park, New YorkCentral Park, New York

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