An urban oasis in New York’s Morningside Park

While most people know (or know of) New York’s spectacular Central Park, fewer know its less famous sibling – Morningside Park.

Morningside Park was designed soon after its more famous neighbor, by the celebrated landscape architects who had designed Central Park – Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvin Vaux. Olmsted and Vaux produced a design for the park in 1873, although it would not be completed until 1895.

Morningside Parky, NY? Kimberly Sullivan

This smaller park stretches between Manhattan’s west side of 110th Street – where Central Park ends at its northwestern corner, up to 123rd Street. It encompasses the steep granite cliffs and includes a staircase taking visitors up to Columbia University’s campus.

Much smaller than its more famous neighbor, it is still a picturesque place for a wander, and includes such features such as an ornamental pond and a small waterfall and jogging paths taking joggers to or back from Central Park.

Many of its trees were added in the 1990s, and it makes a cool, leafy retreat during hot summer days.

Morningside Parky, NY? Kimberly Sullivan

When my kids were younger, we spent plenty of time in the playground here.

Now that they are older, they like to stop off to play basketball or to use the walls to practice their tennis serves.

Saturday morning see many children’s teams out practicing soccer or out on the baseball diamonds.

When you’re in uptown in Harlem’s Morningside Heights neighborhood, be sure to take a stroll through Morningside Park.

Enjoying NY’s Morningside Park playground in the snow


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