My novel Three Coins visits its book locations

My debut novel, Three Coins, was released in October 2021.

It is the contemporary story of three expatriate American women living in Rome, who, having faced daunting challenges, retreat to the seaside town of Sperlonga to regroup and come back stronger.

But Sperlonga is a pretty deserted place in November, and the women are quickly thrown together. Although they seemingly have little in common, they slowly form a friendship that allows them to take charge of their messy lives and to once again open their hearts to friendship and love.

A screening of the 1950s Hollywood film Three Coins in The Fountain is what initially brings them together, so it goes without saying that my novel had to visit its namesake, at the Trevi Fountain, where visitors toss in coins to make their wishes come true – and to secure their return trip to Rome.

Three Coins at Trevi Fountain / Kimberly Sullivan

Much of this novel takes place in the Italian seaside resort town of Sperlonga, where the three women (Emma, Tiffany and Annarita) are thrown together in the very deserted off-season. So, of course, I had to take my book to visit the “scene of the crime”, so to speak.

And yes, Sperlonga is always beautiful, but I especially love its colorful sunsets.

Three Coins, Sperlonga/ Kimberly Sullivan

Here’s the view the three women would have enjoyed from their hotel, looking down to the wide beach below.

Three Coins, Sperlonga/ Kimberly Sullivan

Here is the cafe where Annarita first spots Tiffany, who is enjoying a coffee with her handsome neighbor, Simone.

Three Coins, Sperlonga/ Kimberly Sullivan

And here’s the ramp Annarita takes down to the lonely beach, wondering if she’s made a mistake hoping to resolve her problems by escaping to a completely deserted beach town.

Three Coins, Sperlonga/ Kimberly Sullivan

Back in Rome, here’s the location where the three women meet for coffee, looking out at the Santa Maria della Consolazione church, built in 1600, observing all the plants sprouting from its rooftop.

Three Coins, Rome/ Kimberly Sullivan

Here’s Three Coins posing in Rome’s San Teodoro’s neighborhood – a lot of the plot takes place in this neighborhood in Rome’s center.

Three Coins, Rome/ Kimberly Sullivan

And here is my novel in front of an unusually named church, built in 1504 .

“Emma sat in the sunshine at an outdoor table of the Café San Teodoro. After the cold rains of the past two days, the sun had made its appearance once again. A group was already drinking aperitivi, probably gathering strength before going on to a wedding mass around the corner at the Chiesa di San Giovanni Decollato.

Emma always got a kick out of that name. What bride would choose to be married at the church of Saint-John-with-his-head-cut-off? Although, with the benefit of hindsight, maybe the church could have been the perfect setting for her marriage to Dario. ”

Three Coins, Rome/ Kimberly Sullivan

And finally, here is my novel posing in front of Rome’s Circus Maximus and the Palatine Hill, where the Ancient Roman Emperors once lived. These are also locations mentioned frequently in my story.

Three Coins, Rome/ Kimberly Sullivan


Regardless of whether you’ve read my book and was curious to see locations, or are thinking of reading it and want to have a taste of the locales, or simply have zero interest in reading my book, but are drawn to all things Italian travel, I do hope you’ve enjoyed our virtual jaunt around the Eternal City and seaside Sperlonga!

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