Another year, more great books…

Aother year, another series of great reads.

Once again, I surpassed my Goodreads Reading Challenge. In 2023, I pledged 45 books and read 53. This adds up to 17,226 pages read in 2023.

I’m happy to “overread”. As an author myself, I’m supposed to be writing, too. So I keep my goal at 45, and if I surpass that (which I regularly do), it’s only a bonus.

Lots of great books in 2023, including lots of fabulous NetGalley reads, and I look forward to keeping up my reading pace in 2024…

… while also reserving plenty of time for my writing!


2023 reads - Goodreads


What about you, readers?

Did you have a good reading year in 2023? Favorite books? Are you setting Goodreads Reading Challenges for 2024?

Pop any reading recommendations into the chat – I am always happy for book suggestions.

A happy reading year to all!

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