Book review: The Flat Share

I had heard about this novel that had been a runaway success, and was curious to read this feel-good, romantic comedy for myself.

This is the story of two quirky young Londoners who both share a common challenge one would imagine is well understood by many a city dweller. How to afford living in London while still being able to set aside money? A flat share may allow you to cut back on expenses, but when you work completely opposite hours – a bed share is even better.

Leon is a paliative care nurse constantly assigned to the night shifts. On the weekends he stays with his girlfriend, so he’s only ever in his flat to crash during normal people daytime working hours. He’s also in desperate need of extra cash to help out with his jailed brother’s legal fees. Finding someone to pay half the rent and expenses – while staying completely out of his hair – seems the perfect solution.

The story of two quirky young Londoners struggling to afford London living.  A flat share might help, but when you work completely opposite hours – a bed share is even better.

Tiffy has just been through a brutal break-up and while she’s passionate about her publishing job for a niche agency, it just doesn’t pay the (London) rent. The advertisement offering the bed share that grants her full access to the flat on weekends seems a dream come true for her empty wallet. The owner’s jealous girlfriend handling the arrangements seems hell-bent on ensuring the two tenants never meet. As far as Tiffy’s concerned, that’s simply the icing on the cake.

True to the original agreement, the hours of the two tenants and their complicated personal lives assure that their paths never cross. But what makes this novel fun is the epistolary relationship that burgeons … over sticky notes.

While inhabiting the apartment in their defined times, Leon and Tiffy start leaving notes for one another. What starts out as simple logistics or maintenance notes, soon blossoms into chatty comments, commiserations and pep talks – and an undeniable connection.

Will that spark survive a real life meeting? Will their complicated schedules and messy lives allow for that real life connection? I enjoyed getting to know Leon and Tiffy, with alternating chapters told through their perspectives.

This was an enjoyable and fast read – had fun with this flat share.


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