Queuing up for the London Eye

London Eye, LondonAs anyone traveling with kids knows, travel plans alter radically once you are lugging along pint-sized companions.

On a trip to London with my children, I had plenty of activities to fill our days, but none of them included queuing up for kilometers to go on a giant ferris wheel.

Unfortunately, the London Eye is visible all over the city and it was nearly impossible to keep my kids from voicing their enthusiasm – constantly – about going on a ride. So after multiple entreaties of “Please, mommy, pleeaase!”,  I finally gave in.

London Eye, LondonFortunately, it was a spectacular day, complete with sun and blue skies. For the price tag and the hassle of waiting in an endless queue, I wouldn’t suggest the London Eye unless weather conditions are ideal.

The queuing system is efficient, with timed tickets. It took us about 40 minutes to navigate the queue and enter our “pod”.

London Eye, LondonYou can buy Fast Track tickets to avoid the wait, but at double the (already steep) price tag, we opted for the normal tickets.

Admittedly, the views over London are pretty spectacular – and I have a soft spot for views from up on high when I’m visiting a  city. The pods travel slowly, so you have adequate time to admire the panorama on your one revolution.

For another iconic European ferris wheel, see my earlier post on Vienna’s Riesenrad.

London Eye, LondonLondon Eye, London

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