Hanging out at Ohio’s Buckeye Lake

Last summer, my older son and I took a midwestern driving trip. I already wrote an earlier post about some of the stops we made along the way.

It was a scorching hot day when we drove from Wheeling, West Virginia to Columbus, Ohio.

Buckeye Lake was just along the road, so we decided to take a welcome break from driving to stretch our legs, and enjoy a pleasant walk around its shores.

Buckeye Lake, Ohio/ Kimberly Sullivan

Apparently, Buckeye State Park is Ohio’s oldest state park. The lake was artficially created in 1826, first called the Licking Summit Reservoir and created as a water source for the construction of the Ohio and Erie canal system.

In 1894, the name was changed to Buckeye Lake and it quickly evolved into a destination for summer visitors. The first hotels opened up here in 1902, and this became a popular tourist attraction.

There used to be a large amusement park and popular ballrooms that would attract acts like Glen Miller and Frank Sinatra.

We were there on a day when the lake was filled with swimmers, boaters and many like us, walking along the lake and enjoying the cool breezes.

This was just a short stretching-our-legs stop off, so we didn’t have time to take a break and dive right in, but it was tempting.

Next time we’re passing by, we’ll need to factor in more time to enjoy the lake. See you in the water!

Buckeye Lake, Ohio/ Kimberly Sullivan
Buckeye Lake, Ohio/ Kimberly Sullivan
Buckeye Lake, Ohio/ Kimberly Sullivan

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