A needed breath of fresh (mountain) air in Abruzzo

In the familiar tradition of all things related with 2020, autumn sucked…

Usually, I make efforts to get out to our mountain escape in Abruzzo, enjoying the autumn foliage, hiking and mountain biking with my family.

But 2020 has ruined all our beloved traditions, so it’s no surprise it also hampered my mountain getaways.

Nevertheless, I needed to make a trip to Abruzzo. With a new series of lockdowns looming, I needed to get out to close the water and “winterize” our home.

Ovindoli, Abruzzo / Kimberly Sullivan

Knowing it would be more difficult to get out to Abruzzo with a possible regional lockdown 2.0, I sped up plans to go and ensure no pipes would burst during any future lockdowns.

I went out to Abruzzo for a day to take care of my errands, and enjoyed the fresh mountain air, walks around town, and the autumn foliage while there.

Ovindoli, Abruzzo / Kimberly Sullivan

Apparently, a lot of people were thinking like me, because the town was filled with Romans out to visit before this Apennine perch was forced to close for business once again.

In fact, the following week, this region switched to Corona code “orange” – requiring a quarantine once visitors returned from the region. This past week, it shifted to code “red” – fully restricting movements.

Ovindoli, Abruzzo / Kimberly Sullivan
With the Gran Sasso – the Apennines’ highest peak – in the background

My short day out in Abruzzo was perfect – warm sunshine, crisp autumn air, the crunch of leaves beneath my feet.

I packed a novel in my backpack, and passed a pleasant hour reading under the mountain sun, surrounded by stunning Apennine peaks from my reading perch.

Ovindoli, Abruzzo / Kimberly Sullivan

I was sorry my visit was so short, but being out in the ,mountains – even for a day – was a much appreciated respite.

Looking forward to being able to return to these beautiful mountains.

And even more, I look forward to a return for all of us to our pre-pandemic lives.

Ovindoli, Abruzzo / Kimberly Sullivan
Ovindoli, Abruzzo / Kimberly Sullivan
Ovindoli, Abruzzo / Kimberly Sullivan
Ovindoli, Abruzzo / Kimberly Sullivan


  1. Claire 'Word by Word' on November 24, 2020 at 9:04 am

    I can feel the gratitude bursting out if those beautiful shots, that will keep you company through winter. So glad you made it in time and were able to tap into that peace and beauty that exists there.

  2. kimberlysullivan on November 29, 2020 at 10:04 am

    Thanks, Claire. I think gratitude is the perfect word. In these strange times, when we know our favorite places might be off limits to us for awhile, it make it even more special to be able to spend time there.

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