Enjoying a book in the mountains before Lockdown II

It’s starting again.

Back in the spring, Italy had its big Corona virus lockdown. Now that cases are ticking up again, there’s been talk of a repeat.

We have a little place in the mountains of Abruzzo we often visit in the autumn for hiking and biking escapes.

The threat of another lockdown, and the inability to travel from one region to another would complicate travel to this Abuzzo town. Before the cold weather sets in, it’s important to shut the house down and ensure there is no water in pipes that could freeze once winter hits this mountain perch.

This errand took me out to Abruzzo last weekend on a perfect day.

I took care of my errands and prepared the house for winter frosts – then took advantage of the sunny weather and clean mountain air for a walk around town and some enjoyable reading, complete with mountain views.

Knowing another, albeit less restrictive, lockdown was to begin soon, I really enjoyed my peaceful mountain day.

I read my historical fiction novel at the town’s highest peak, with views of the mountains all around me. The sun was warm and the breeze light.

Only a week later, we’re no longer able to travel to different regions, so it’s a good thing I managed to get out when I did. And some time to sit and enjoy the mountains, accompanied by a good book, was exactly what I needed.

A day in the mountains did me some good – and I’m already anxious to return.

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