BooksI’m a big fan of books. Paper books, that is.

I do far too much reading on computers at work, and when I return home or travel, I want to read real books, turn crisp pages, watch the number of pages accumulate as I work my way through a novel.

Sadly for me, I don’t have access to a good library with English books in Rome. Otherwise, I’d be armed with a  library card for many of my reads.

Living abroad and reading many novels in English, I mostly purchase books, and often lend out my own favorites and borrow those of fellow readers.

However, I don’t have endless space in my apartment, so when I really do not like a novel I’ve purchased, I have begun eliminating them. At work, we have a group that gathers these books and then resells them. The profits go towards supporting women’s entrepreneurial groups in developing countries.

I’m always happy if the novel I’ve disliked can be enjoyed by others, and I feel better knowing the money earned from my former novel can help women – often disadvantaged – in another part of the world.

Glad to see those books I really didn’t enjoy reading can still live a second life and benefit others …