Not quite ready to say Auf Wiedersehen – Demel at Vienna airport

Vienna Airport DemelThere are so many things to like about Austria’s capital city of Vienna. Many years ago, I lived here for a short time, and now I enjoy getting back for visits.

Perhaps it’s better that I don’t live here, because when I do return I simply can’t resist all the wonderful sweets on offer.

I’ve already written about Vienna cafes, and I always have to squeeze as many as I can into my visits back.

Vienna cafes

The ‘real’ Demel in downtown Vienna

When I was back with my kids, I discovered that one of Vienna’s famed cafes even has a small outlet at the airport. My boys and I were thrilled to stumble upon Vienna airport’s Demel.

When we arrived, they had just finished the last piece of Apfelstrudel, but they told us we could wait for the new strudel arriving straight from the oven.

You bet we waited, and we all enjoyed piping hot strudel and vanilla sauce before our flight back to Rome — proving that it is awfully difficult to say Auf Wiedersehen to Vienna (and its desserts) …


  1. Ishita on July 11, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    Hey Kimberly. It seems you have been quite busy as you have missed my email and comment too earlier about meeting in Rome..anyways I’m back now ..just wondering why you never reverted since you post on your blog every week!

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