Views from the top of Berlin’s Television Tower

Berlin television towerI love to travel, and whenever I go to a city it’s only a matter of time until I find its highest point. I generally try to make this visit early on so I can see the layout of a city clearly. It helps me when I’m exploring by foot later on.

So on a  recent trip to Berlin, it’s not odd that I quickly made my way to the Berliner Fersehturm, the Berlin television tower.

Berlin television towerAt 368 meters, this is the highest point in town – and one of the tallest constructions in all of Europe. I’ve been to Berlin before, but strangely, never made it up here.

My advice is to get here early. Only 400 people can visit at any one time, and the line quickly becomes  very long, while small elevators don’t exactly speed things along.

The tower was completed in 1969 – in time for anniversary celebrations for the German Democratic Republic – the former East Germany.

Berlin television towerThe design was to be reminiscent of the Soviet sputnik satellites, all trimmed in socialist red.

This showpiece designed to flaunt the marvels of the (thankfully) now-defunct DDR still works well in modern Berlin. The television tower is one of Berlin’s landmarks, and is visible all over the city, making it a great way to orient yourself from wherever you are.

Berlin television towerThe observation deck is located at 203 meters, and provides excellent views over the sprawling German capital.

It’s a great place to take a break and admire the city from far above, with helpful explanations about the monuments and about how the formerly divided city developed.

We didn’t eat there, but there is also a popular restaurant where you can eat, and which revolves so you can enjoy views over the entire city. Definitely worth a visit on your next trip to Berlin.

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