Mountain biking in Abruzzo

Mountain biking, Abruzzo, ItalyThe region of Abruzzo has become my favored retreat from the hectic pace of city life in Rome.

This mountainous region just east of Rome has plenty of fresh air and pretty countryside. One of the things I love doing when I am out here is mountain biking with my family.

Mountain biking, Abruzzo, ItalyMy children and I don’t own bikes in Rome. I know plenty of bikers who challenge the Roman traffic, but I have no desire to do so myself.

Instead, we have our mountain bikes out in Abruzzo and enjoy exploring the car-less trails, with their stunning mountain views.

Mountain biking, Abruzzo, ItalyThe town where we spend a lot of time, Ovindoli, is connected to nearby towns of Rovere, Rocca di Mezzo and Rocca di Cambio, and there are plenty of trails off the main bike path running between these towns to explore.

I’ll take mountain biking in the mountain air over weaving through traffic and breathing in smog any day.

Mountain biking, Abruzzo, ItalySo if you are out in Abruzzo, be sure to rent a mountain bike and explore this pretty region on two wheels.

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