Little House on the PrairieI read Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder when I was a little girl, and, like most kids my age, I loved it.

I devoured the whole series, and also enjoyed the television series of the time.

Years later, my own son saw it in a bookstore back on a visit to New York and asked about it. Since we always choose books to read aloud and discuss, this seemed the perfect opportunity to reread an old childhood favorite.

It’s been lots of fun to reread this childhood favorite decades later. Since this was some of my earliest reading, I remember the writing as far more impressive than it actually is. But even going back to read it as an adult with a more critical eye, I still can’t help but  find it the perfect children’s book.

It’s filled with a sharp eye for detail, beautiful description for a time long past, adventure, danger and simple moments spent with family. I see how it sparks the imagination of my own son, and how he asks questions about life at the time.

My son would like us to read the other books of the series, and it gives me a great excuse to go back and reread those, too. Always nice to revisit the old favorites from childhood.

And you, readers? Have you gone back to revisit old childhood favorites, either with your own children or on your own? Have your impressions changed over time?